GET /api/v1/preferences

Returns a list of the users preferences.

Example return

 "data": [
         "type": "preferences",
         "id": "5",
         "attributes": {
             "updated_at": "2018-07-07T16:07:59+02:00",
             "created_at": "2018-07-07T16:07:59+02:00",
             "name": "language",
             "data": "en_US"
         "links": {
             "self": ""

Notable about this return is that each preference may have another type. There are arrays, integers and strings. This list is not paginated.

Get a preference

GET /api/v1/preferences/<id>

Returns a single preference.


Use the include parameter to include related objects.

  • include=user. Includes the user the preference belongs to. This is always you.

Update a preference

PUT /api/v1/preferences/<id>

Update a preference. The only required field is data, which contains the new preference.