GET /api/v1/currencies

Returns a list of the system’s available currencies.

Example return

 "data": [
         "type": "currencies",
         "id": "11",
         "attributes": {
             "updated_at": "2018-07-07T18:07:57+02:00",
             "created_at": "2018-07-07T18:07:57+02:00",
             "name": "Australian dollar",
             "code": "AUD",
             "symbol": "A$",
             "decimal_places": 2,
             "default": false
         "links": {
             "0": {
                 "rel": "self",
                 "uri": "/currencies/11"
             "self": ""
 "meta": {
     "pagination": {
         "total": 22,
         "count": 22,
         "per_page": 50,
         "current_page": 1,
         "total_pages": 1
 "links": {
     "self": "",
     "first": "",
     "last": ""


The list is paginated. Use page to get the next page or use the links from links.

Get a single currency

GET /api/v1/currencies/<id>

Returns one currency.

Create a currency

POST /api/v1/currencies

Creates a new currency.


Required global fields

  • name. Name of the new currency.
  • code. Currency code of the new currency. See ISO 4217.
  • symbol. Symbol for the currency, like $ or €.
  • decimal_places. Number of decimal places of currency.
  • default. Should the new currency be the new default currency? Accepts true or false.

Update a currency

PUT /api/v1/currencies/<id>

The same rules as above apply.

Delete a currency

DELETE /api/v1/X/<id>

Will delete the currency. To do so, the user must have the owner-role and the currency must not be used in the system any more. Other data is not removed.