Available Budgets

The “available budgets” endpoint allows you to edit the total amount of money that is available each month. You can see an example of this amount on the /budgets page where it is used to fill the blue and green progress bars.

The object is called “available budget” in Firefly III’s database, which is why the end point is also called “available budget”.

Here is a screenshot of such an “available budget” in Firefly III:

Available budget

Available budget

List available budgets

GET /api/v1/available_budgets

Returns a list of the users available budgets.

Example return

 "data": [
         "type": "available_budgets",
         "id": "1",
         "attributes": {
             "updated_at": "2018-07-07T16:07:59+02:00",
             "created_at": "2018-07-07T16:07:59+02:00",
             "start_date": "2018-05-01",
             "end_date": "2018-05-31",
             "amount": 1500


The list is paginated. Use page to get the next page or use the links from links.

Get X

GET /api/v1/available_budgets/<id>

Returns an available budget object.


Use the include parameter to include related objects. These parameters can be combined (use a comma).

  • include=transaction_currency. Includes the available budget. Is included by default.
  • include=user. Includes the user.

Create an available budget

POST /api/v1/available_budgets

Creates a new available budget.


Required global fields

  • transaction_currency_id. The currency you’re budgeting in.
  • amount. The amount of the available budget.
  • start_date. The start date of the period in which the budget is available.
  • end_date. The end date.

Update an available budget request

PUT /api/v1/available_budgets/<id>

The same rules as above apply, with no noteable exceptions.

Delete the available budget

DELETE /api/v1/available_budgets/<id>

Will delete the available budget. Other data is not removed.