Import from bunq

bunq is a Dutch, internationally active mobile bank, headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands. bunq offers personal and business accounts. For more information, see Wikipedia.

Firefly III supports the bunq API. Although support is in beta and may not be perfect, it works surprisingly well.

Take note! The bunq API is disabled in Firefly III v4.8.1 and onwards. My apologies for the inconvenience. The bunq API changes often and Firefly III is currently incompatible with their API. I hope to remedy this situation soon. Last update: 14 sept 2019.

First time

The first time you launch the bunq import tool, you must enter an API key and your IP address. If possible, Firefly III will try to auto-fill your IP address.


If you want to connect to the sandbox of bunq instead of their production API, please open your .env file and change BUNQ_USE_SANDBOX to true.

Selecting your accounts and options

In this screen, you can select the account(s) you want to import from. The accounts you can import into must match the currency of the bunq account. If you want the transactions that will be imported to be run through your rules <rules>, check the checkbox.

Importing data

Once you’ve selected your accounts, the import will run.